Designers Enjoy UniSA Drawing Workshop

Yesterday, our Year 10 Design class had the privilege of using Zoom to connect with Mr Dan McLean, Program Director of Design (Product Design) at the University of South Australia’s City West campus.

After providing our class with a fantastic slideshow presentation about drawing techniques for product design, Dan skilfully guided the students through a series of hands-on activities based on line/shape drawing, two-point perspective representation and surface/tonal rendering techniques.

The hour-long “Drawing for Designers” workshop provided an ideal opportunity for our students to develop their presentation skills in readiness for their upcoming product design major project. Our students were impressed by Dan’s amazing skills and remained thoroughly engaged throughout the session.

We sincerely thank Dan for his valuable time and expertise and look forward to taking him up on his offer for a follow-up session in the coming weeks. Thanks also to UniSA’s External Engagement Officer Clancy Larsen for facilitating this unique experience.

~ Mr Shaun Thomas (Design teacher)

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