Denise Off to Brisbane for “Power Shift” Climate Summit

Denise Sadiwa (Year 11)

Earlier this week, Year 11 student Denise Sadiwa was advised by the Australian Youth Climate Coalition that her application to attend their upcoming annual conference in Brisbane had been successful. Accordingly, Denise has received a scholarship (including tickets, accommodation and travel subsidy) to attend the three-day event – entitled “Power Shift” – during Week 9 of this term.

“Power Shift” is described as a high-energy, youth climate summit; it brings together hundreds of young people from across the nation to build relationships and learn vital skills to take action on climate justice. Students involved will have the privilege of hearing from leading activists within the movement, climate experts, and other young people creating change. “Power Shift” is regarded as a great opportunity for students to develop interpersonal skills, and to experience training in communications and leadership. Students also learn about ways of taking action on climate change, such as the importance of building groups and how to engage decision-makers to create change on local, global and national levels.

In claiming her scholarship (from a huge pool of nationwide applicants), Denise originally responded to a SEQTA message from PLHS Maths/Science Senior Leader Miss Beck Paterson; she followed the instructions to the AYCC website, completed their online application form and answered the following two key questions:

  • “Why do you want to come to Power Shift?”
  • “What does the term climate justice mean to you?”

Denise explained that her answer to the first question was quite straightforward – she wants to expand her knowledge of climate change issues in order to take action here in Port Lincoln that will benefit her community.

The second question was considerably more challenging; Denise had never heard the term “climate justice” before and was determined to craft her answer without looking it up. She decided that it was the notion of holding those who are benefitting from or taking advantage of our environment responsible for their actions. In other words, making environmental and climate-related decisions that benefit everyone equally and fairly.

As a passionate representative of Port Lincoln High School at this important summit, the school has also agreed to assist with Denise’s travel expenses to and from Queensland.

While at “Power Shift”, Denise is looking forward to sharing details of our school’s recently established partnership with SABRN Circular, in particular, our plastic collection point and the vision towards a circular plastic economy within our community.

We congratulate Denise on her scholarship, wish her all the best for her upcoming journey, and look forward to hearing all about her experiences upon her return.

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