Dancers Deliver Dazzling Production

This year’s Port Lincoln High School Dance production was titled “THIS IS ME” . The show was about students showcasing who they are and being proud of what they have achieved, and combined choreography from Stage 2 students, myself and guest choreographer, Piter Pantoja Lopez. The performance included students from Stage 2 Dance, Stage 2 Creative Arts, Stage 2 Solo Performance (singing), Stage 1 Creative Arts and Year 10 Dance.


  • STAGE 2 DANCE: Abby Hodgkiss
  • STAGE 2 CREATIVE ARTS: Katelyn Dagg, Bree-Anne Kelly, Jade Monaghan, Ketia Habner & Abbey Somerville
  • STAGE 2 SOLO PERFORMANCE (SINGING): Kaya Huntley & Tascha Jordison
  • STAGE 1 CREATIVE ARTS: Brittany Burner, Lalexca Cubacub, Taylah Filsell, Jessica McCormack, Sylvia Rough, Shekinah Suing, Analeisha Tsesmelis & Aimee Vonderwall
  • YEAR 10 DANCE: Sara Bennie, Bella Borlase, Jessica Canty, Kira Dart, Kyra Ellis, Aislan Fauser, Ellouise Heath, Hayley Johnson,  Lily Maccuspie, Sarsha McMahon, Paige McWhinnie, Maya Sherry, Isabel Strycharski, Chloe Treagus, Tahlia Wardle & Rebekah Vonderwall
  • BACKSTAGE: Mia Humphries& Shakira Steele
  • STAFF DANCE: Renee Biele, Sam Long, Lynn Campbell, Jess Mills, Shaun Maxfield, Izaak Treadwell & Michaela Webb


  1. This Is Me – Stage 1&2 Creative Arts and Dance
  2. Scars to Beautiful – Year 10 Dance
  3. Never Enough – Abby H
  4. Amor de otoño – Ketia & Bree
  5. Colours – Stage 1 Creative Arts
  6. Feel it Still – Stage 2 Creative Arts and Dance
  7. Glorious – Year 10 Dance
  8. Desolate Blue – Abby H and dancers
  9. Mash-up – Staff Dance
  10. Cuban Hip Hop – Year 10, Stage 1&2 Creative Arts and Dance
  11. The Demon is I – Bree and Ketia
  12. To Dream – Chloe
  13. Abstract – Stage 1&2 Creative Arts and Dance
  14. Out Here On My – Kaya Huntley
  15. One Kiss – Abby H
  16. Sour Love – Abbey S
  17. At Last – Tascha Jordison
  18. The Greatest Showman – Finale (Year 10, Stage 1&2 Creative Arts and Dance & Staff)

Stage 2 Creative Arts and Dance Pieces:

  • “Sour Love”: Sour Love is about telling a story about love gone sour. She wants her doomed relationship to heal, or to even “just last the year.”
  • “Desolate Blue”: The ocean is secretive. It is stunning but precarious. It is tranquil, but wrecking. It is crystal clear, but swallows long lost history. It adapts to natures motives and acts merciless to its holdings. The ocean holds many erratic characteristics, but to travel across the desolate sea is a choice one may make; to fulfil their hearts callings, to escape from city life, or to reach their loved ones and hold them close
  • “The Demon Is I”: Depression is not an uncommon mental illness and people who suffer with it will know that it feels like you are trapped. Like you are battling with a demon inside.
  • “Amor de otoño”: Amor de otoño is about the relationships and connections you can build with the people around you. There are times when you need independence in a relationship but also sometimes you need to be in unison. The intention of this dance is to show the bond two people can build and create and how the connections that a relationship enables are the strongest type.

I wish to thank and acknowledge all PLHS staff and the Performing Arts faculty for their continual support. I am proud of what the students have achieved in under 19 weeks. A special thanks to the following people and organisations:

  • To all the performers and their families for their participation and support towards the performances
  • Helen Marks for stage managing and continual support
  • Kath Dennis for administration and ticketing support
  • Shaun Thomas for the school Facebook/Newsletter promotion and photography
  • Stephen Campbell and his team for filming
  • Michael Scheffler for photography
  • Backstage helpers Sarah Kidd, Amber Mullins & Amelia Baldwin
  • The courageous staff dancers for giving up your precious time and getting on stage
  • The staff and students who contributed to the Visual Art/Design exhibition
  • Port Lincoln Times for promotions
  • Nautilus Arts Centre venue, technical staff and promotions
  • Odette School of Dance for costume support
  • To our fabulous audiences for showing your support

~ Miss Hanna Minchin (Dance Teacher)

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