COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic at PLHS

Wednesday November 3 ~ Saturday November 6

Students will be able to access a COVID-19 vaccination clinic based in our Resource Centre next week, from Wednesday November 3rd to Friday November 5th.

Although the schedule is still being finalised, it is likely to be:

  • Wednesday – Year 8’s & Year 10’s
  • Thursday – Year 9’s
  • Friday – Year 11’s & Year 12’s

The wider community will be able to access the clinic (based in the Staff Room) on Saturday November 6th from 9am-4pm.

Students have been provided with a consent form; this will need to be signed and returned in order for them to access the vaccination. Consent forms need to be returned to Dharna Group teachers or via Student Services.

The clinic will return in three weeks’ time for the second dose to be administered.

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