Congratulations to our 2023 House Leaders

Dear parent/caregivers and students,

We were overwhelmed by the number of student nominations received for this year’s House Leaders vote, and even more so at how closely the voting ended. Please join me in congratulating Port Lincoln High School’s House Leaders for 2023, our centenary year!


  • Senior House Captains: Luke Ellis & Amelia Stevens
  • Senior Vice Captains: Billy Scholz & Tayah Liffner
  • Junior House Captains: Lani Cocks & Oli Stevens
  • Junior Vice Captains: Taylor Dodd & Lucas Davids


  • Senior House Captains: Archer Appleton & Ellie Makuch
  • Senior Vice Captains: Josh Burford & Timothy Dennis
  • Junior House Captains: Evie Wiseman & Kaden Durdin
  • Junior Vice Captains: Bryon Phillis & Clifford Warrior


  • Senior House Captains: Brad Jacobs & Jemimah Branford
  • Senior Vice Captains: Charlie Day & Jett Clements
  • Junior House Captains: Jye Hearfield & Isla Nagel
  • Junior Vice Captains: Lotti Curtis & Jimmy Johnson


  • Senior House Captains: Siann Cross & Kade Mullins
  • Senior Vice Captains: Connor Madden, Nadia Rusden & Deppler Clarke
  • Junior House Captains: Talia Freeman & Noah Connolly
  • Junior Vice Captains: Ruby Gamlin & Evie Gamlin

These students were elected by their peers at last week’s House Captain voting meeting and will be officially acknowledged at our upcoming SRC/House Captain Induction Assembly. The assembly will take place during Lessons 2 (set-up) and 3 (formal proceedings) on Monday February 20th. At this point, we are continuing to hold our assemblies for staff and students only as we navigate a suitable location for our wonderfully large cohort.

Congratulations to our 2023 House Leaders; we have no doubt you will empower, lead and give your best in your responsibilities this year. House Leaders’ first official responsibility will begin with Standards Days, which will be held on Wednesday February 22nd (Juniors) and Thursday February 23rd (Seniors).

All newly-elected House Captains are asked to meet the HPE staff in the Gym at lunchtime on Thursday (tomorrow) for a briefing on their Standards Days responsibilities.

Please don’t hesitate to contact the school should you have any queries or questions.

Kind regards,

Miss Yasmin Stewart (Curriculum Leader: HPE & Food)

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