Chemistry Students Explore Hydrogen Power

During a workshop on Tuesday June 27th, our Stage 1 and 2 Chemistry students delved into the world of hydrogen-powered cars, recognised as the future’s primary fuel source.

Phoebe Chilman, a Chemical Engineer from The University of Adelaide, emphasised the urgency of finding alternative fuels for transportation, as it ranks as the third largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. Students explored the various forms of hydrogen and learned about the growing emphasis on green hydrogen (produced from water) which is the same type of hydrogen that will be generated at the new plant in Port Bonython (Whyalla). It is projected that Australia will create 24,000 hydrogen-related jobs by 2050.

Students also learned about Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) cells, which generate hydrogen gas and convert it into an electric current to power cars. They even had a friendly competition to see whose car would last the longest, with Denise Sadiwa emerging as the winner with a time of 7 minutes and 58 seconds.

Collectively, the workshop was an exceptional pedagogical venture, equipping the students with a deep appreciation for the advancements in technology that are actively mitigating humanity’s impact on our planet’s delicate climate. The experience not only broadened their horizons, but also instilled a sense of empowerment, igniting a desire to actively contribute to the global transition towards sustainable transportation solutions. 

~ Mr. Stewart Calder & Miss Bambi Britten (Chemistry Teachers)

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