Career Education Seminars for Middle School Students

Over the past two days, our Year 7, 8 and 9 students have attended a career education session in the Resource Centre facilitated by Ms. Rebecca Curtis, Access Project Officer from Flinders University.

Entitled “The River Journey”, these seminars aim to encourage students to explore and map their education and career futures using the metaphor of a winding river, recognising that life journeys do not always progress in a straight line.

The program commenced in 2012 with the participation of twenty students from a single primary school in an Adelaide outer southern suburb; the majority of those initial students had limited knowledge of university or professional career pathways. Since the pilot, The River Journey has evolved to include age/year level-specific topics including:

  • Encounter (Year 7) — Triggers students’ interest in higher education and possible opportunities
  • Explorer (Year 8) — Helps students remain motivated toward achieving their education/career goals
  • Investigator (Year 9) — Exposes students to new or unknown options for the future and supports their interests

We thank Rebecca for sharing her time and expertise with our students this week; we trust that their positive engagement will help inform their individual river journeys.

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