Another Golden Day for Flinders House

Port Lincoln High School’s SportsDay for 2023 has been run and won.  After a two-year COVID-induced hiatus, it was the “Team in Gold” who again secured gold last Thursday – reigning (2021) champions Flinders house again narrowly claimed the overall victory from the “Green Machine” of Eyre house.  The battle for third was also tight, with the “Red Devils” of Grantham house ultimately proving too strong for the “Blue Crew” of Stamford house.

Thankfully, the early drizzle and overcast conditions gave way to fine, sunny weather throughout the day.  Adding to the spectacle, we were delighted to have parent/caregivers back on site to watch the proceedings, which even included some junior primary classes having a go at events.  As always, the costumes were colourful, the team spirit was high and the atmosphere was one of positive energy.

Congratulations go to Miss Yasmin Stewart, Mrs. Marianne Cox and the HPE Faculty for their organisation, to the staff for their facilitation of the event, and to all who participated in another enjoyable day of healthy competition.

OVERALL RESULTS (placing/house/points):

  • 1st: Flinders (1,793 points)
  • 2nd: Eyre (1,771 points)
  • 3rd: Grantham (1,580 points)
  • 4th: Stamford (1,526 points)

AGE CHAMPIONS (category/winner or runner-up/house/points):

  • 13 Years Girls Winner: Sheridan Wells (Eyre/50)
  • 13 Years Girls Runner-up: Isla Nagel (Grantham/42)
  • 14 Years Girls Winner: Lani Cocks (Eyre/60)
  • 14 Years Girls Runner-up: Taylah Cresswell (Flinders/47)
  • 15 Years Girls Winner: Ellie Makuch (Flinders/39)
  • 15 Years Girls Runner-up: Elke Russell (Eyre/37)
  • 16 Years Girls Winner: Sky Keane (Grantham/56)
  • 16 Years Girls Runner-up: Starr Pedersen (Flinders/47)
  • Open Girls Winner: Jemimah Branford (Grantham/33)
  • Open Girls Joint Runners-up: Jacinta Bray (Flinders/30), Maddison Lowe (Flinders/30), Sasha Noske (Stamford/30) & Summer Retallick-Blackberry (Eyre/30)
  • 13 Years Boys Winner: Takey Retsas (Flinders/39)
  • 13 Years Boys Runner-up: Jarran Durdin (Flinders/37)
  • 14 Years Boys Winner: Tyler Caulfield (Flinders/40)
  • 14 Years Boys Runner-up: Loch Osborne (Flinders/38)
  • 15 Years Boys Winner: Max Rodda (Eyre/43)
  • 15 Years Boys Runner-up: Christian Farrow (Flinders/40)
  • 16 Years Boys Joint Winners: Torr Clarke (Flinders/54) & Timmy Dennis (Flinders/54)
  • Open Boys Winner: Luke Ellis (Eyre/42)
  • Open Boys Runner-up: Brad Jacob (Grantham/35)


  • Female: Siann Cross (Stamford)
  • Male: Tyler Males (Stamford)

STANDARDS SHIELD (placing/house/points):

  • 1st: Eyre (2,018 points)
  • 2nd: Stamford (1,992 points)
  • 3rd: Grantham (1,963 points)
  • 4th: Flinders (1,892 points)

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