Adelaide Crows Host Successful STEM Workshops

The Adelaide Crows recently hosted an innovative AFL STEM Footy Day at Port Lincoln High School for Year 7 students. This initiative was designed to connect STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) concepts directly to the game of Australian rules football, demonstrating the practical application of these subjects in a sports context.

During the day, students participated in three engaging STEM-related activities. These activities were carefully curated to provide an introductory overview of how STEM principles apply to AFL. Through hands-on experiments and interactive sessions, the students explored the mechanics of motion and force, the importance of data analysis in improving player performance, and the technology used in sports gear and training equipment.

This AFL STEM Footy Camp is part of a broader program aimed at encouraging students to see the relevance of STEM in everyday life and inspiring them to pursue further studies in these fields. Year 7 Maths teachers will continue to embed and deliver this program across the semester with the hope of engaging students and allowing them to see where a career in STEM could possibly take them.

~ Mr. Stewart Calder (Senior Leader – Mathematics & Science)

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