A Message from the Principal (re: Term 2)

Dear PLHS Parents/Caregivers,

I hope that you and your family had a safe and relaxing Easter holiday period considering the current scenario that our local and extended communities face due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The staff at PLHS have prepared for a range of scenarios moving into Term 2 and I thought it timely to write to all of you around the specific plans that the site has put into place. Student and staff health is a priority and the site will continue to take the advice from the Department for Education with regard to social distancing and health and safety recommendations for education sites.

All students will have access to online learning activities and assessment. Students who attend the main site will have staff who actively facilitate their online learning with tutorial-style sessions. All students have been provided with an opportunity to borrow a school laptop, meaning that no student will be disadvantaged. For those students who attend the site, we will use classrooms that maximise the potential for social distancing principles. 

PLHS students can expect the following:

  • All Senior School students will have access to one scheduled video conference per week, plus Teams/SEQTA contact; please see the VC timetables for Stage 1 and Stage 2 classes below
  • Students can make an appointment to meet with a teacher through SEQTA; this will be facilitated through Teams video calls
  • Middle School students will have access to SEQTA lessons for all of their learning
  • BRIDGE students will be provided with their learning program through the BRIDGE unit; specific details of this will be provided by the BRIDGE staff
  • Rooms 21, 22 and 23 will be combined
  • The TLC will be operating as normal

On site student expectations include:

  • A willingness to engage in their learning 
  • A commitment to follow the usual school rules and expectations; this includes wearing uniform, bringing equipment for school, mobile phone expectations, parent/guardian permission for leaving early etc. – our normal student behaviour management processes will be in place
  • Students bringing their own lunch; the school Canteen facility remains closed and we will not support food deliveries to the site
  • Students bringing their own drinking water  
  • School laptops are charged and brought to school for learning  
  • Personal headphones are used wherever possible to listen to online content
  • Part-time work should only be occurring outside of the normal school day

Please contact your child’s Dharna Group teacher if you have any queries.

Kind Regards,

Mr Todd George (PLHS Principal)



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