“WEENA” Program Recommences for 2023

After the success of the inaugural “WEENA” program in 2022, PLHS is again offering this opportunity to female Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.

“WEENA” – which stands for “Wellbeing, Engage, Educate, Network and Achieve” – focuses on building self-esteem and confidence in cultural identity, engaging with community, building relationships based on mutual respect, encouraging active self-development and yarning about women’s health, safety and nutrition. “WEENA” aims to support girls to build constructive relationships with each other, their school, families and community members.

The Year 7 girls kicked off this this year’s schedule with a day centred on health, nutrition and wellbeing. Mel from Aboriginal Family Support Services connected with the girls, talking about respect for themselves and each other, with a focus on health and nutrition. Students cooked a nutritious meal, learning valuable life skills and trying new foods.

The afternoon saw a shift in pace, with the owner of Life Club, (another Mel), hosting the girls at the gym and putting them through a workout.

There will be two more sessions this term for the Year 7’s, where they will continue to develop relationships (with each other and within the community), establish healthy routines, set personal goals and continue their cultural learning.

~ Mrs. Nicole Cunningham (Aboriginal Education Teacher)

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