Year 9’s Show Gratitude & Receive Values Awards

Our Year 9’s held their final year level meeting for the term on the Eyre Floor earlier today; there were many key messages shared, including the importance of gratitude.

The students were given the opportunity to write gratitude notes to the PLHS staff who they are especially thankful for. Although it was an optional exercise, most took it up – there were actually many students who wrote that they appreciate all teachers.

We also acknowledged those Year 9 students who have been outstanding all term at demonstrating our three school values of Responsible, Respectful and Inclusive. Congratulations to Sophie Lang, Delta Proude, Zade Hearfield, Jevan Ambrose, Max Rodda, Ella Wiseman, Liam Akehurst, Jackson Christian, Kayla Stewart, Evan Lukin, Ethan Icasas, Nikita Butcher, Tylah Hollett, Anahata Maple and Tayla Wilson.

Finally, for a bit of fun, we presented the inaugural MM (Monaghan Mullet) Award for Luscious Locks; this will be an ongoing prize for the amazing hairdos that many of our Year 9s are (in)famous for. There could only be one winner of the first ever MM Award – Charlie Monaghan himself – for what is an impressive mullet.

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