2024 House Captains Successfully Inducted

On behalf of the PLHS community, congratulations to the following House Leaders – they were officially inducted earlier today at a whole school assembly in the Gym.

The proceedings were compered by Deputy Principal Mrs. Lesley Warren, who officially welcomed staff, students and proud parents to our first formal gathering for the year. Following an Acknowledgement of Country delivered by students Beau McLean and Taylor Dodd, Mr. Craig Akehurst delivered his first Principal’s Address, focussing on the theme of success. As well as assisting with the badge/certificate ceremony, our 2024 Principal Student Leaders – Prapti Pai and Dre Vlassco – also delivered an introductory speech to the student body.

Having recently been elected by their peers to lead and inspire throughout 2024, each House Captain was then individually announced and presented with a certificate and badge of office.

Well done to all of the students who nominated to be a House Leader. There was an elite selection of students to elect this year and the extremely close vote count was an indication of this quality.

The successful candidates will meet next week to discuss their involvement in the Senior School Standards Day on Monday February 26th (Week 5) and future commitments leading into Sports Day on Thursday March 7th (Week 6). Our Sports Day for 2024 will be staged at the Ravendale Sporting Complex – parents and caregivers are welcome to attend and cheer on the participating students.

Following Sports Day, this year’s WASSAC Carnival will be held in Port Augusta on Tuesday March 26th (Week 9), followed by a quick turnaround for the annual School Sport SA Track & Field event at Santos Stadium in Adelaide on Wednesday April 3rd (Week 10).

To be elected by your peers to lead your House is a success which should be held in high esteem, and we are very proud of the exceptional young people selected this year. They have already demonstrated some of the qualities it takes to be a House Leader and we look forward to working with them throughout the year.

~ Mrs. Yasmin Sampson (Senior Leader: HPE, Food & Nutrition, Sport & Integrated Learning)

EYRE HOUSE (green):

  • Senior House Captains: Cameron Sellen & Tayah Liffner
  • Senior Vice Captains: Delta Proude & Orlando Wade
  • Junior House Captains: Taylor Dodd & Lani Cocks
  • Junior Vice Captains: Cruz Miller & Aaron Richardson-Scott


  • Senior House Captains: Fletcher Beard & Timothy Dennis
  • Senior Vice Captains: Ellie Makuch & Kaden Durdin
  • Junior House Captains: Takey Retsas & Clifford Warrior
  • Junior Vice Captains: Sasha Anderson & Jarran Durdin


  • Senior House Captains: Jesse Retallick & Kalea Siegert
  • Senior Vice Captains: Janik Quirk & Tilda Jenkins
  • Junior House Captains: Billy Boxer & Isla Nagel
  • Junior Vice Captains: Tate Boxer & Ella Day


  • Senior House Captains: Dre Vlassco & Dylan Boxer
  • Senior Vice Captains: Sasha Noske & Angus Rowett
  • Junior House Captains: Tyler Males & Holly Mitchelson
  • Junior Vice Captains: Jackson Murphy & Summa Tooby

ABOVE: Our 2024 Principal Student Leaders – Prapti Pai (left) and Dre Vlassco (right) – also received their certificate and badge of office at today’s assembly; we congratulate them and wish them every success in these important roles.

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