2022 Middle School End-of-Year Assembly (Years 7/8/9)

PLHS Gymnasium // Wednesday December 7th, 2022

  • Master of Ceremonies: Mrs. Lesley Warren (Deputy Principal)
  • Acknowledgement of Country: Max Stanley & Kaden Durdin (Year 8 SRC Reps)
  • Principal’s Address: Mr. Todd George (Principal)
  • Introduction of 2023 Principal Student Leaders: Nathaniel Hirschausen-Burk & Denise Sadiwa (absent)

ACADEMIC AWARDS: A grade point average (GPA) is calculated for each student of the school. A GPA score of 4 represents an A grade for each subject studied. There are two categories of Academic Awards:

  • Academic Excellence awards recognise students who have achieved a GPA of more than 3.5 (with no D or E grades) across all their subjects for Semester 1 and 2
  • Meritorious Effort awards recognise students who have achieved a GPA of at least 3 (with no D or E grades) across all their subjects for Semester 1 and 2

YEAR 7 ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE: Isla Nagel, Lani Cocks, Kynan Letton, Ella Scholz, Loch Osborne, Stella Franklin, Marley Coleman, Samuel Beard, Rylee Chatfield & Simon Hennessy

YEAR 7 MERITORIOUS EFFORT: Sarang Treagus, Alilah Fowler, Evie Gamlin, Chloe Marks, Cooper Mullins, Ethan Skipworth-Howell, Phoebe Fisher, Isaac Brougham, Zoe Allan, Isabella Atkins, Ella Day, Mahni Burrows, Taya Clarke, Jye Hearfield, Zach Hurrell, Nate Payze, Oliver Stevens & Abbey Francis (Room 22)

YEAR 8 ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE: Dakota Taferner, Xanela Cubacub, Stirling Carter, Jasmine Tiller, Rebekah Turner, Isabella Wells, Ruby Gamlin, Maya Kennedy, Elke Thomas, Zoe Van-Overdijk, Isabella Go, Madison Gotch, Airlie Hartwich, Kiarna Letton, Keeley Millard, Matilda Packer & Kirrally Kotz

YEAR 8 MERITORIOUS EFFORT: Charli Rowland, Max Stanley, Sky McNamara, Claudia Wilks, Kael Williams, Lacie Schafer, Callie Liffner, Jessica Neve, Kaden Abbott, Jorja Defelice, Ash Hannan, Ebony Rigney, Oliyena Thomas, Brayden Foote, Evie Wiseman, James Hore, Jessica Ferrett, Cooper Hale, Jack Hatzimanolis, Elke Russell, Skye Verran & Larissa Johnston (Room 22)

YEAR 9 ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE: Evan Lukin, Liam Akehurst, Fletcher Beard, Hudson Saunders, Sophie Lang, Sky Keane, Max Rodda, Jevan Ambrose, Delta Proude, Macie Claughton, Zade Hearfield, Nikitah Butcher, Torr Clarke, Max Mitchelson & Taj Williams

YEAR 9 MERITORIOUS EFFORT: Ella Wiseman, Aliki Kapnistis, Ashton Batterbury, Tygh Te Wano, Lilly Durdin, Mathew Aldington, Madilyn Fox, Will West, Tylah Hollett, Toby Turner, Starr Pedersen, Charlotte Roberts, Isla Santillan, Tayla Wilson & Hayden Francis (Room 22)

ABORIGINAL STUDENT OF THE YEAR AWARDS: Recognise Aboriginal students from each year level who show excellent attendance, are committed to their study, display outstanding commitment to the ethos of the school and an exceptional contribution to the school and wider community.

  • Taylah David-Mabura (Year 7) (not pictured)
  • Madison Gotch (Year 8)
  • Hudson Saunders (Year 9 & Overall Winner)

JOSHUA WILLIAMS MEMORIAL AWARD: In 1988, Port Lincoln High School’s Year 9 Pantomime was a production of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”. The star of the show (playing Willy Wonka) was a young man by the name of Joshua Williams. Not only was Josh a wonderfully charismatic and talented performer on stage, but he was also a gifted writer – by the end of Year 8, he had written his first novel. Tragically, as a fifteen-year-old Year 10 student, Joshua Williams suffered a fatal asthma attack. The Joshua Williams Memorial Award was established to both honour Josh’s memory and to recognise an outstanding Year 9 Pantomime student each year.

  • Hayden Collett (Year 9)

COLIN THIELE AWARDS (Years 7/8/9): These awards are determined by the teachers and leaders of each learning area; they recognise students who achieve outstanding results across a number of subjects from each of the four learning areas at PLHS; they are also students who uphold the school values of Responsible, Respectful & Inclusive.

  • YEAR 7: Lani Cocks (Mathematics), Zerah Coleman (Science), Marley Coleman (English, HASS & Languages), Evie Gamlin (The Arts), Oliver Stevens (Technology) & Lani Cocks (HPE & Integrated Learning)
  • YEAR 8: Xanela Cubacub (Mathematics), Jasmine Tiller (Science), Elke Thomas (English, HASS & Languages), Maya Kennedy (English, HASS & Languages), Ruby Gamlin (The Arts), Elke Russell (Technology) & Stirling Carter (HPE & Integrated Learning)
  • YEAR 9: Liam Akehurst (Mathematics), Evan Lukin (Science), Sophie Lang (English, HASS & Languages), Aliki Kapnistis (The Arts), Colby Doyle (Technology) & Fletcher Beard (HPE & Integrated Learning)

LITERACY AWARDS: Literacy at PLHS is assessed on growth. Literacy Awards are given to those who showed significant growth throughout the year in the various focus areas of Literacy; these include Spelling Mastery, Corrective Reading, pre- and post-test writing samples, independent reading assignments and reading fluency.

  • Zach Hurrell & Oliver Stevens (Year 7)
  • Levi Starkey (Year 8)
  • Liam Edmonds (Year 9)

BRAVE AWARDS: Recognise students who have been particularly resilient in their approach to learning.

  • Sarang Treagus (Year 7) (not pictured)
  • Summer Thorpe (Year 8)
  • Heath Salinas (Year 9)

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