2020 SRC & SportsDay Winners Recognised

Earlier this morning, a whole school assembly was staged in the Gym in order to recognise the members of our Student Representative Council for 2020, plus the individual award winners from our recent SportsDay.

The parents of the students involved were invited to attend the ceremony, which included an Acknowledgement of Country, an address about leadership from PLHS Principal Mr Todd George and a speech delivered by our Principal Student Leaders for 2020, Jesika Cane and Chloe Treagus.

The SRC members were presented with certificates and badges of office by Mrs Sarah Kidd, whilst the SportsDay Age Champions, Participation Awards and winning house were awarded by Miss Yasmin Stewart.

We congratulate these students on this wonderful recognition.


2020 Student Representative Council:


2020 Principal Students Leaders (L-R): Jesika Cane & Chloe Treagus




2020 Year 12 Student Representative Council Members (L-R): Aislan Fauser & Connor Marshall




2020 Year 11 Student Representative Council Members (L-R): Kiana Stafford & Ned Moxey




2020 Year 10 Student Representative Council Members (L-R): Mitchell Paterson, Micah McWhinnie-Perry, Nell Cane & Cate Pearce




2020 Year 9 Student Representative Council Members (L-R): Connor Madden, Jordan Ridgway, Ebony Plane & Ella Thomson




2020 Year 8 Student Representative Council Members (L-R): Levi Hawke, Amy Ward, Sasha Noske & Flynn Nagel




2020 Room 23 Student Representative Council Members (L-R): Kai Moreno, Kenisha Bilney & Kelly Sewer



SportsDay 2020 – Individual Awards



Open Age Group Champions (L-R): Open Boys Runner-up: Jackson Jamieson (Eyre house / 31 points), Open Girls Runner-up: Kellie Lessue (Grantham house / 47 points), Open Girls Winner: Ella Stevens (Eyre house / 60 points) & Open Boys Winner: Max Rogalski (Grantham house / 46 points)




Under 16 Age Group Champions (L-R): Under 16 Girls Winner: Billie Jenkins (Grantham house / 56 points), Under 16 Boys Winner: Tait Appleton (Finders house / 34 points) & Under 16 Boys Runner-up: Taj Freeman (Grantham house / 31 points) Absent: Under 16 Girls Runner-up: Shenice Wells (Eyre house / 51 points)




Under 15 Age Group Champions (L-R): Under 15 Boys Winner: Saben Batterbury (Stamford house / 48 points), Under 15 Girls Runner-up: Lily Miranda (Grantham house / 42 points), Under 15 Girls Winner: Amelia Stevens (Eyre house / 55 points) & Under 15 Boys Runner-up: Jake Siviour (Grantham house / 35 points)




Under 14 Age Group Champions (L-R): Under 14 Boys Runner-up: Luke Pearce (Flinders house / 42 points), Under 14 Boys Winner: Jake Sherry (Eyre house / 47 points), Under 14 Girls Runner-up: Tayah Liffner (Eyre house / 35 points) & Under 14 Girls Winner: Keely Wiseman (Flinders house / 36 points),




Participation Award Winners: Boys: Connor Marshall (Eyre house) Absent: Girls: Tia Freeman (Grantham house)




SportsDay 2020 Winning House: Eyre – House Captains (L-R): Tayah Liffner, Connor Marshall, Amelia Stevens, Ellouise Heath, Darcee Azzopardi, Diezel Cronin & Jack Meffert

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