School Uniforms:

PLHS families – please be advised that unfortunately, delivery of our latest shipment of new school uniforms has been delayed by a month; rest assured however, that plenty of garments have been ordered and they will be available the week before school starts in 2023.


Transition Days:

The dates for our student transition sessions in Week 7 have been set as follows:
  • Year 6s: Dates TBA

Key Events: Term 4

Week 5-6
Enrolment packs distributed to Year 6’s
Week 5
Year 6 Parent Info Sessions
Week 8
Year 6 Enrolment packs returned to PLHS via primary schools

Key Events: Term 3

Week 3
Meet with (Special Education) to identify student numbers with high level needs
Week 4
Student information sheets returned to PLHS at meeting time (to discuss individual students); copies of students with additional needs (NEP, Wellbeing and Behaviour) information to PLHS; at a time convenient to primary school sites
Week 5
All extended transition programs are negotiated with primary school sites; at a time convenient to primary school sites
Week 6/7
Families of students with additional learning (NEP & Special Needs) and Wellbeing have meetings where relevant with Middle School team and BRIDGE

Key Events: Term 4

Week 1
PLHS Middle School AP and past students/mentors to visit feeder schools
Week 2
Parent Information Night for Year 6 families
Week 2
Parent Information Night for Year 7 families
Week 3/6
Extended transition for students with wellbeing/additional learning needs begin (Tuesdays & Thursdays)
Week 4
Transition student data provided to PLHS by primary schools where relevant (NAPLAN, PAT data); final feeder school transition meeting; feeder school teachers to meet with Craig, Lenny and Mel for final sharing of information
Week 5
Student-written letters of introduction returned to PLHS
Week 6
2022 Dharna Group teachers to contact student families re: transition visits
Week 7
Year 6 to 7 “Taste of High School” (Tuesday & Wednesday)
Week 7
Year 7 to 8 “Taste of High School” (Thursday & Friday)

Year 6/7 to PLHS

Key Contacts

Mr Craig Curtis (Middle School Assistant Principal)

Mrs Mel McGown (Transition Project)