Family Connection Conversations

The next step in our Year 6/7 to PLHS transition process is for families to meet with one of our school leaders. This informal 30-minute conversation is an opportunity to share information and to address any queries or concerns.

Family Connection Conversations will be held over the last four weeks of this term (Monday June 7th to Friday July 2nd) at the following times:

  • Mondays & Wednesdays: 9am~6pm
  • Tuesdays, Thursdays & Fridays: 9am~4:30pm

Bookings can be made by visiting the School Interviews website at and entering the event code “sy5cp“.

Alternatively, please feel free to phone PLHS on 8683-6000 during school hours; our staff will assist you to make your booking.

Key Events: Term 2

Week 3-5
Enrolment packs distributed to Year 6’s and 7’s
Week 5
Year 6/7 Parent Info Sessions
Week 8
Year 6 and 7 Enrolment packs returned to PLHS via primary schools

Key Events: Term 3

Week 3
Meet with (Special Education) to identify student numbers with high level needs
Week 4
Student information sheets returned to PLHS at meeting time (to discuss individual students); copies of students with additional needs (NEP, Wellbeing and Behaviour) information to PLHS; at a time convenient to primary school sites
Week 5
All extended transition programs are negotiated with primary school sites; at a time convenient to primary school sites
Week 6/7
Families of students with additional learning (NEP & Special Needs) and Wellbeing have meetings where relevant with Middle School team and BRIDGE

Key Events: Term 4

Week 1
PLHS Middle School AP and past students/mentors to visit feeder schools
Week 2
Parent Information Night for Year 6 families
Week 2
Parent Information Night for Year 7 families
Week 3/6
Extended transition for students with wellbeing/additional learning needs begin (Tuesdays & Thursdays)
Week 4
Transition student data provided to PLHS by primary schools where relevant (NAPLAN, PAT data); final feeder school transition meeting; feeder school teachers to meet with Craig, Lenny and Mel for final sharing of information
Week 5
Student-written letters of introduction returned to PLHS
Week 6
2022 Dharna Group teachers to contact student families re: transition visits
Week 7
Year 6 to 7 “Taste of High School” (Tuesday & Wednesday)
Week 7
Year 7 to 8 “Taste of High School” (Thursday & Friday)

Year 6/7 to PLHS

Key Contacts

Mr Craig Curtis (Middle School Assistant Principal)

Mrs Mel McGown (Transition Project)