House Captains for 2014

House Captains 2014 for Port Lincoln High School Sport Day

Our 2014 House Captain elections were held on Friday 7th February.

The students were selected by their peers to lead their respective House.  They will be in charge of organising participants for Sports Day and leading their section of the House by example.

Congratulations to the following 2014 House Leaders:


Senior Male House Captain: Tex Sinclair
Senior Male Vice Captain: Reece Lindsay

Senior Female House Captain: Tahlia Lee
Senior Female Vice Captain: Sian Ford

Junior Male House Captain: Zac Bradbery
Junior Vice Captain: Jordan Tassel

Junior Female Male House Captain: Mikaela Raleigh
Junior Vice Captain: Carly Gray



Senior Male House Captain: Ari Gentilin
Senior Male Vice Captain: William Woldt

Senior Female House Captain: Elaine Ladesma
Senior Female Vice Captain: Eden Tilley

Junior Male House Captain:  Ivo Satalic
Junior Vice Captain: Jared Clements

Junior Female Male House Captain: Lily Matena
Junior Vice Captain: Jenna Enge


Senior Male House Captain: Jackson Davey
Senior Male Vice Captain: Levi McDonald

Senior Female House Captain: Ayla Hoare
Senior Female Vice Captain: Casey Grenfell

Junior Male House Captain: Hippy Wanganeen
Junior Vice Captain: Dillon Edwards

Junior Female Male House Captain: India Wilkes
Junior Vice Captain: Kirra Bell


Senior Male House Captain: Jordan Campbell
Senior Male Vice Captain: Cameron Pietrala

Senior Female House Captain: Jaz Hill
Senior Female Vice Captain: Chloe Hansen

Junior Male House Captain: Josh Phillips
Junior Vice Captain: Tyson Pedro

Junior Female Male House Captain: Kodi Mundy
Junior Vice Captain: Zoe Yendall

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