International Education

International Education @ PLHS

In 2014, Port Lincoln High School established an accredited International Education program. Since then, we have been fortunate to host several wonderful young people from various nations around the world. These students (listed below) have spent between three and twelve months living in Port Lincoln and attending PLHS.

Whilst the capacity exists within our school to host several international students each year, our program relies on identifying and accrediting local families who are willing and able to host a young person from another country in their home. Please note that homestay families are provided with an allowance of $300 per week to host an international student, and that homestay accreditation lasts for five years.

If you are interested in learning more about this wonderful opportunity, please contact Mr Shaun Thomas (PLHS International Education Manager) on 8683-6000 or at

Our Students

PLHS is proud to have hosted the following international students:
  • 2020: Lorenz Fedeli (Germany) Carolina Dalfen (Austria) Alessandro Mazzochi (Italy)
  • 2019: Paola Allejos Padilla (Germany) Sofia Roveri (Italy) Ana Vidal Marti (Spain) Pauline Gandon (France)
  • 2018: Emily Neelen (Germany) Audrey Cash (USA) Lisa Ferroni (Italy)
  • 2017: Annika Brass (Germany) Letizia Sabadini (Italy) Ruslan Corti (Italy) Alessandra Savarese (Italy) Irene Signorelli (Italy)
  • 2016: Takayuki Ishikawa (Japan) Win Htet (Myanmar) Joel Heim (Germany) Marta Masu (Italy) Francesca Paolucci (Italy) Niccolo Di Ruscio (Italy)
  • 2015: Ryo (Demi) Osaki (Japan) Yoshito Suzuki (Japan) Angela Bogotto (Italy)
  • 2014: Elmo Wang (Taiwan)

International Education @ PLHS

For more information about studying abroad in South Australia, please contact:

International Education Services Department for Education
PO Box 1152, Adelaide SA 5001
GFW, 31 Flinders Street, Adelaide SA 5000  
Telephone: +618 8226 3402        
Fax: +618 8226 3655

The Port Lincoln High School – International Education Program Strategic Plan (established in 2014) has been endorsed by the school’s Governing Council. The plan includes:

  • a governance structure (including human resource allocation) involving PLHS staff and community members which is responsible for ensuring the program achieves its targets
  • an agreement from the school community to support the International Education program for the next three years
  • cooperative partnership with DECD’s International Education Services (IES) and other support agencies
  • clarification of roles of major stakeholders (including homestay families)
  • management of an endorsed funding model that guarantees program sustainability
  • provision of appropriate cultural awareness and communication training for relevant staff and community members
  • cultural displays and celebrations in recognition of our international students
  • strategies to market and promote our International Education program including website, newsletters, social media
  • strategies to embed cultural awareness as a cross-curricular priority of the national Australian Curriculum
  • strategies to utilise ICT to develop and enhance international relationships
  • strategies to ensure equitable access to all relevant educational opportunities for international students
  • provision of opportunities for international students to participate in cultural experiences in the local community (including work/pathways placements)
  • plans to implement study tours in negotiation with potential schools through IES
Department for Education T/A South Australian Government Schools
CRICOS Provider Number: 00018A