Zesty Art/Design Exhibition Open

Port Lincoln High School’s annual Year 12 Art/Design Exhibition was officially opened last night, before a large crowd of students, families and staff. The amazing practical work of nine art and design students is now on display in the Nautilus Arts Centre’s Rotary Gallery, until Tuesday November 21st.

This year’s show has been labelled “zest”, a title that describes both the enthusiasm of the participating students and the citrus fruit that cleverly appears on the event’s traffic light poster. The theme and graphics were devised and executed by one of the Year 12 Design students (Madison Earl), and feature a font created by another (Madison Nugent).

The vibrant display comprises a wide variety of creative projects, from self-portraits and logo designs, through to poster layouts and architectural models. We encourage all interested citizens to take the opportunity to view our 2017 collection.

~ Mr Shaun Thomas (Design) & Ms Wanda Jarvis (Art)