Year 9’s Support Year 7 iMovie Project


Three of our Year 9 Technology students have been sharing their digital movie-making expertise with staff and students at Port Lincoln Primary School. Congratulations to Matthew Freak, Jock Carr and Ari Pantiyasa (pictured L-R) on their participation in this wonderful initiative.

At the suggestion of PLPS ICT Peer Coach Jodi Kennedy, the boys met with Year 7 teacher Trina Wilson to plan a three-week unit of work. Trina wanted her Year 7’s to produce “Fractured Fairy Tales” using iMovie on iPads. Matthew, Jock and Ari proposed a three-stage process – storyboarding, filming then editing.

To introduce the task to the Year 7’s, the boys presented “Decisions” (YouTube link below), their 2017 F.A.M.E. Award-winning movie (co-produced with another Year 9 PLHS student, Django Elliott).

The Year 7’s were asked to identify and analyse various techniques used in the creation of “Decisions”, elements such as the plot/script, camera angles, sound effects and iMovie features. Over the next three weeks, the boys regularly returned to PLPS to support the Year 7’s with their assignment.

Thanks to the guidance and mentoring of Matthew, Jock and Ari, the eager Year 7’s were able to create films that exceeded the expectations of their teacher. The boys hope to return to the Primary School in the near future for a screening of the finished products.

Congratulations again Matthew, Jock and Ari on a job well done!

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