Term 3 School Values Awards Announced

Wednesday September 27th, PLHS Gymnasium


Master of Ceremonies / Acknowledgement of Country: Mr Clive Palmer

Principal’s Address: Mr Todd George

Principal Student Leaders’ Address: Ella Blewit & Josh Phillips

Research Project students who have achieved an A grade: Jack Hale, Bella Heron, Chloe Letton, Yemaya Coleman-Smith, Lara Curtis, Kye Robinson, Lucy West, Imogen Peters & Josh Phillips.

Sports Report: Miss Kate Green


Crows Cup (Girls 9-a-side Football Carnival) Winners (above):

Back row (L-R): Demi Collins, Yoorana Hayden, Jordyn Bryant, Jylee Miller-Edwards & Kyesha Vlassco. Front row (L-R): Eliza Jacob, Kara Ambrose & R’bka Ford.



Year 9 NAPLAN Reading Awards (above):

Back row (L-R): Rhys Kemp, Mason Manthorpe, Brooke Nisbet, Isaac Perone & Taj Bates. Middle row (L-R): Beau Sampson, Ellouise Heath & Matthew Freak. Front row (L-R): Jayla Nugent, Hannah Broad, Sara Bennie, Anastasios Papastergou & Tullia Sellen. Absent from photo: Django Elliott, Tori Grigg, Jackson Jamieson, Jett Jung-O’Shea, Brennon Lee, Kellie Lessue & Brianna McIntyre.



Year 9 NAPLAN Numeracy Awards (above):

Back row (L-R): Beau Sampson, Issac Potts, Isaac Perone, Leroy Bird, Tullia Sellen & Dana Selwyn-Shore. Middle row (L-R): Connor Haines & Ellousie Heath. Front row (L-R): Kobe Vlassco, Jessica Canty, Gia Thomson, Jesse Andrew & Brayden Wilsdon. Absent from photo: Maya Sherry.



Year 8 School Values Awards (above):

Back row (L-R): Metasebiya Ford, Jade Prince, Ashleigh Carpenter, Talesha Packer, Caleb McGrath & Bailey Sharman. Middle row (L-R): Angel Sambo, Jesse-Leigh O’Brien, Lachlan Atkinson, Shae Abbott, Kirsty Casserley, Shauna Little, Angel Gibbons, Simeona Rawles & Shenice Wells. Front row (L-R): Brandi Thompson, Jay Mullins, Max Rogalski, Kaden Lawrence & Baylee Stusser. Absent from photo: Ned Moxey.



Year 9 School Values Awards (above):

Back row (L-R): Ronald Carbine, Isaac Perone, Greta Kennedy, Anastasia Scholz, Khy Foster & Zac Mullins. Front row (L-R): Desmond Johnson-Fowler, Rebekkah Miegel, Isabella Coulthard, Feem Leesing, Anastasios Papastergou & Kobe Vlassco. Absent from photo: Jade Evans, Grant Letton & Kye Young.



Year 10 School Values Awards (above):

(L-R): Emma Stefano, Skye O’Brien, Dylan Stigwood, Brittany Burner & Sylvia Rough. Absent from photo: Tianna Boyce & Mariah Fox.



Year 11 School Values Awards (above):

Back row (L-R): Michael Starkey, Macey Salter, Hannah Williams, Alleigh Hamnett, Mikaela Raleigh, Sam Bird, Koby Sampson & Porsha O’Brien. Front row (L-R): Robert Cash, Faith Loudoun, Abby Hodgkiss, Abby Lessue, Calvin Abbott & Kaya Huntley. Absent from photo: Shanasi Anderson-Hill & Caleb Henderson.



Year 12 School Values Awards (above):

Back row (L-R): Jack Hale, Luke Marks & Josh Phillips. Front row (L-R): Kitana Holt, Tyla Packer, Joyce Ashwin, Jodi Bateman & Emme Sauerwald. Absent from photo: Jenna Enge, Jayden Olsen & Andre Stefanek.

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