Successful Outdoor Ed Self-reliant Camp

On Sunday August 27th, the Stage 2 Outdoor Education class took part in their final camp for the year. The day began with a trip on the PLHS boat to Eely Point in the Coffin Bay National Park; this was the starting point of the trek.

Our teacher, Mrs Sherie Watson, then said goodbye to her class and continued in the boat to her own campsite. Over the next few days, the three participating students were required to use their existing knowledge and skills to navigate to their predetermined campsites. They had walkie-talkies to communicate with Mrs Watson in case of an emergency and check in three times each day.

The class visited many beautiful places within the park, including Black Springs, Sensation Beach and Mullalong. Luckily, the weather held out for most of the camp, with only one night of light rain. In total, the class bushwalked around 45 kilometres and made it to their final destination of Morgan’s Landing on Wednesday morning.

Overall, the camp was a complete success – no injuries or emergencies and the participating students had an absolute ball.

~ Carly Gray (Year 12 Outdoor Education student)

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