Successful Badminton Carnival


PLHS entered two teams into the Open Mixed Badminton Carnival (one in Pool A, one in Pool B), held in our Gym on Wednesday August 9th. Also competing were teams from Tumby Bay Area School, Cummins Area School, Ceduna Area School, Cleve Area School and St. Joseph’s School.

PLHS participants were Shyane McDonald, Jenna Enge, Jacob Collins, Kane Hope, Saxon Lombe, Koby Sampson, Josh Phillips, Ella Blewit and Hippy Wanganeen.
Both of our teams managed to record one round win each – PLHS 1 finished third in Pool B, whilst PLHS 2 was fourth in Pool A. The overall winners for the day were Tumby Bay, who defeated Cleve 2 in the final round of games. The remaining places went to (in order) Ceduna AS, St. Joseph’s, Cleve 1, PLHS 1, PLHS 2 and Cummins.

It was great to watch some high quality badminton from all schools, with excellent sportsmanship also being displayed throughout the day.

 ~ Mr Nick Coulter (PLHS Team Coach)