Student Services


Browse this page for all of the general information current students might need at some stage of their schooling, including:

School Expectations

Port Lincoln High School prides itself on 5 basic principles:

Fairness, Safety, Respect, Responsibility and Success.

All we ask is that students conduct themselves in a manner reflecting these values.
They can do this by:

  • Being respectful of other people and their property.
  • Being safe themselves, but also looking out for the safety of those around them.
  • Respecting the right of other students to learn and for staff to teach. Expect to be able to learn!
  • PLHS-Attendance-Policy-2015

The School Day - Timing and Structure

  • The school day STARTS at 8:45, meaning students should be on the grounds 5 or 10 minutes before to ensure they can start the day efficiently.
  • Staff members are on Yard Duty from 8:20am ensuring duty of care for students.
  • Lesson 1 is what is referred to as Roll Class. This lesson runs from 8:45 – 9:30. Daily bulletin notices and absences are recorded towards the start of this class.
  • Lesson 1 for Year 10’s is the Personal Learning Plan (PLP) and for Year 12”s it is the Research project, both compulsory subjects for SACE.
  • Lesson 2 runs from 9:30 until 10:20.
  • Recess then runs from 10:20 to 10:45.
  • Lesson 3 runs from 10:35 until 11:35
  • Lesson 4 is the long lesson and goes from 11:35 until 12:50
  • Lunch is from 12:50 to 1:40
  • Lesson 5 runs from 1:40 to 2:30.
  • Lesson 6 (Last Lesson) runs from 2:30 to 3:20.
  • Again, Staff members are on Yard Duty after school to provide a duty of care for students leaving school and for those waiting for buses.

Student Services Office

Located in the main admin building, Student Services provides a range of support for students:

  • It is the first port of call for students to contact staff members, parents to contact students and students to contact parents.
  • This is where students can sign in and out of school electronically for a variety of accepted reasons, allowing the school to accurately monitor student attendance.
  • The ‘Sick Room’ is also located here, which most students won’t ever need, but it also houses the first aid supplies. So if a student hurts themselves, they can get some support at Student Services.
  • Toni and Amber can help with misplaced Timetables to get students back to class quicker….
  • Students who have arranged to drop work to teachers can do so through a recorded system to ensure work makes it to the correct staff member.
  • A range of new and second hand uniform is available for sale through Student Services.

Student Absence Notifications

If you need to contact the school to inform us of your child’s absence, this can be done on the Contact School Page, or by calling Port Lincoln High School on (08) 8682 3677.

School Uniform

Port Lincoln High School has a colour-coded, flexible, safe and economic school uniform.

PLHS specific garments: the School jumpers, PLHS summer dress and winter skirt are available from our Student Services Office; anytime during school hours for parents, recess and lunchtime for students. Some generic items (e.g. plain grey white or navy polo tops) can be purchased from a number of local retail outlets.

See examples on our Uniform Page

Student Health & Medication


  1. Our school commitment to student health and wellbeing.
  2. What the school needs to know about student medication requirements.
  3. Who will administer the student’s medication?
  4. Who holds the medication?
  5. Taking medication for the first time.
  6. Privacy of medical information
  7. Emergency contact information
  8. Who will administer first aid?

For the full details please see the Student Health & Medication Policy


Work Extensions

Work extensions can be negotiated from Yr 8 right through to Senior SACE, HOWEVER, student must go through the correct process:

  • A Work Extension Application must be completed, including signatures, more than 24 hours prior to the deadline. A valid reason will need to be provided.
  • Work Extension Applications are available from this website and Student Services.
  • It is up to the discretion of the teacher to grant an extension. Some SACE deadlines can not be modified.

Complete a Work Extension Application.

Cyber Safety

  • Being safe on the internet, with Social Media and via mobile phones has taken on such importance in recent years. Students can unknowingly share personal information with strangers if they are unaware of a few simple pieces of information.
  • Parents must also keep up to date with popular sites/apps and what their child is doing in the “virtual world”!
  • The government has provided a e-safety websitefor young people and adults.


School Counselling Services

  • The school has 2 counsellors: Peter Jolley for Senior School issues and Amy O’Brien for middle school issues. However, students can feel free to speak with either counsellor in regards to social or emotional issues.
  • All staff are trained to recognise signs of child abuse/neglect and are mandated to report it.
  • Counsellors are available to talk with students about a wide range of social, emotional, physical, educational, pathway issues. Students are encouraged to speak with counsellors before issues become overwhelming.

Make a Booking to See an Assistant Principal or Counsellor

To make a booking to speak with an Assistant Principal or School Counsellor, please submit a “Contact Request” on the Contact School Page.

Assistant Principals that you may wish to speak to:

      • Mrs Jill Murdoch: Senior School – SACE, Subject selection, behaviour
  • Miss Tash Rayson: Middle School – Subject selection, behaviour, grievances
  • Ms Tiffany Evans: Careers, TAFE training, School based apprenticeships, Work experience

Counsellors you may wish to speak to:

  • Peter Jolley: Senior School – grievances, SATAC support, social and emotional support
  • Amy O’Brien: Middle School – grievances, SATAC suport, social and emotional support

Grievance Procedures (including harassment)

  • Port Lincoln High School has a clearly defined anti-bullying stance. Any students who feel as though they are being harassed can complete a pink “Anti-Harassment Form” which is available through Student Services.
  • Any student who feels they are being unfairly treated by a staff member can complete a purple Grievance Form, also available at Student Services.
  • Both of these forms can be submitted to Student Services, who will direct the grievance to the appropriate Assistant Principal or Counsellor.

Student Behaviour Management

Port Lincoln High School has a very traditional form of SBM. We ask that students respect the right of others to learn and the teacher to teach. They should expect that other students demonstrate them the same respect.

In the yard we expect students to demonstrate respectful behaviour.

However, should this simple guideline not be followed in the classroom, staff will generally follow a simple 3 step process:

  • A warning to inform the student that their behaviour is not acceptable.
  • A second warning and potentially some “time out” to calm down and reflect on their behaviour.
  • Continued disobedience will result in the student being removed from the classroom to the Focus Room. From this point, parents will be contacted and staff will record the student’s actions.
  • Once a student has multiple Focus Room referrals, the Assistant Principal will investigate further consequences through suspension or detention.

For more information please see the PLHS Student Behaviour Management Policy.

Senior Formal

  • A fantastic night to give Year 12 Students a chance to celebrate advancing to their final year of High School.
  • Traditionally a chance for students to ‘frock up’ and have a classy sit down dinner with their peers and staff who have supported them through High Schooling.
  • In recent years the Formal has been held at the start of Term 3 at The Port Lincoln Hotel.
  • Having the Formal at this time allows students to then concentrate on their study fully for the remainder of the year.
  • A Formal Committee will be organised at the start of the school year to organise the event. Any students wishing to have input into the night should ensure they are involved with this committee.