Student Leaders Inducted

A formal whole school assembly was held in the Gym earlier today in order to induct our Student Representative Council and House Captains for 2016.

Having been previously elected by their peers, each student leader was individually recognised in front of their proud parents with a certificate and badge of office. The occasion, which was compered by Deputy Principal Mr Todd George, included an Acknowledgement of Country, an official welcome to attending special guests and parent/caregivers, an address about leadership from Principal Mr Greg Barry, and a wonderful inaugural speech from our two Principal Student Leaders, Shenae Miller and Tyson Pedro.

After the obligatory photos were taken (both inside the Gym and outside in the Amphitheatre), the SRC and House Captains joined parents and staff for a celebratory morning tea in the Staff Room.

Congratulations to our student leaders for 2016 (pictured below with Principal Mr Greg Barry) – we wish you well in these important roles.

2016 Student Representative Council




Principal Student Leaders: (L-R) Tyson Pedro & Shenae Miller




Year 12 SRC Representatives: (L-R) Cami Enge, Jasmine Freeth, India Wilkes, Kodi Mundy & Charlie van den Broek




Year 11 SRC Representatives: (L-R) Josh Phillips, Jenna Enge, Carly Gray, Ryan Sarunic & Zoe Yendall (Absent: Ellie Bender)




Year 10 SRC Representatives: (L-R) Yemaya Coleman-Smith, Chloe Dunn, Tess Eime, Tara Pelham & Alanna Haines (Absent: Porsha O’Brien)




Year 9 SRC Representatives: (L-R) Harry Stockham, Georgia Rowett, Caleb Johnston, Brooklyn George, Cameron Akehurst & R’bka Ford




Year 8 SRC Representatives: (L-R) Grant Wanganeen, Tia Freeman, Gia Thomson, Kalani Coleman-Smith & Kara Ambrose


2016 House Captains



Eyre House Captains: (back row L-R) Fleur Rowett, Sophie Wilkshire, Guy Murphy, Michael Hegarty and (front row L-R) Cameron Akehurst, R’bka Ford, Yemaya Coleman-Smith & Jordan Ambrose




Flinders House Captains (L-R): (back row L-R) Jacob Collins, Tascha Jordison, Shae Woodlands and (front row L-R) Cohen Dinnison, Lily Anderson & Troy Docking (Absent: Paige Rees & Kirsty Evans)




Grantham House Captains: (back row L-R) Hippy Wanganeen, Mason Kuchel, India Wilkes and (front row L-R) Harry Stockham, Shenae Miller, Tess Eime & Tia Freeman (Absent: Brodie Drewitt)




Stamford House Captains: (back row L-R) Billy Campbell, Tyson Pedro, Dylan Stigwood and (front row L-R) Jasmin Freeth, Kodi Mundy, Gia Thomson, Georgia Rowett & Tate Pietrala