SAASTA Class Delivers Cultural Activity

As part of their Stage 2 SAASTA program, five Year 12 students were asked to design a Group Cultural Activity for the community. They chose to plan and conduct a “mini Power Cup Carnival” – similar to the official SAASTA event that they attend in Adelaide each year.

The carnival was staged at Mallee Park last Friday, with four Year 2/3 classes from the Port Lincoln Junior Primary and Kirton Point Primary Schools in attendance. To begin the day, Darnell Richards delivered a Welcome to Country, before the Year 12’s introduced themselves to the participants and shared their cultural identity. The youngsters then played in a round robin 9-a-side football competition.

After recess, different cultural activities were conducted, including painting, sharing Dreamtime stories and cultural dance practice. SAASTA students retaught the younger students the cultural dance they performed on Adelaide Oval for the Power Cup Carnival. After lunch, all of the students joined together to perform the dance which was a spectacle enjoyed by all. A male and female student were then awarded a painting and football painted by Malcom Miller for their inspired efforts throughout the day.

The enthusiasm and joy on the participant’s faces shone throughout the day. A huge thank you must go to the two primary schools for allowing their students to attend this event. Thank you also to those teachers and support staff who assisted and supervised on the day.

All of the SAASTA students did themselves, their teacher and their culture proud. In particular, the Year 12 students demonstrated great leadership and the ability to work as a team.

~ Miss Kate Green (SAASTA Coordinator)