Subject and Community Awards 2013

The following students and staff were recipents of awards for 2012.

 Rowan Ramsey Award A member of the school community (staff, student, parent or community member) who has assisted the school KYLIE WALTER

  Caltex Best All Rounder   Achieves solid academic results/represents the school in various sports/participates in service and community activities/displays excellent conduct/maintains an excellent attitude/makes various many contributions to the school and wider community   ZAC SIMPSON
  Port Lincoln Times Literature Award   A student who shows insight into literature and who shares this ability with others. A student who demonstrates a keenness to develop and improve his/her skills as a language user.   ALICE BOULT
  Governing Council Award   For service to the school community and her commitment to Indigenous Education   DI BAKER-TAGG
  Peter Treloar Award   A student / staff member who has good personal conduct, behaviour and appearance. Assistance to fellow students and new students in particular. Participates in school activities outside of the classroom. Leadership qualities. An active interest and participation in community affairs and projects such as fundraising or public performances. (Sporting and academic qualifications need not be considered)   AMY O’BRIEN
  City of Port Lincoln Award of Merit   In recognition of outstanding service to the community (Plaque brought/presented by Mayor)   KELSEY NEIGHBOUR
  Gary Walpole Altruism Award   In recognition of the life of Gary Walpole, who willingly gave of himself to the benefit of and well being of others and saw the intrinsic value of every individual. This person is recognised as someone who is positive and who supports their fellow students. Encourages others to better themselves. Follows up and assists people to overcome obstacles in their lives. Non judgemental, fair and sensitive to the needs of others. Puts the needs of others ahead of their own.   NICOLE RICHARDS
  Police Leadership Award   For leadership in the community   HARRY CARSLAKE
  Barbara Beitz Memorial Award   For assistance and support to fellow students   CHELSEA NISBET
  Beatrice “Merle” Bascombe Award   Business Studies Award   MOLLY WRIGHT
  Principal’s Award   Nominations in confidence to Tony Green   EYERUS CURTIS
  Principal’s Award   Nominations in confidence to Tony Green   TAHNEE WEETRA
  Student Leader Award   Effective leadership of SRC; someone who has initiated events/ideas    
  Zonta Award   A female student who has been prepared to support/work with disadvantaged groups   EMMA SYMONS
  Long Tan Award   The ADF Long Tan Awards aim to recognise students who demonstrate leadership and teamwork within both the school and the broader local community. At the same time, they recognise those who display strong values, such as doing one’s best, respect for others and “mateship”, that are integral to Australian society.   MADISON BAJ
  Mat Steele Memorial Senior Drama Award   This award is in recognition of the life of Mat Steele whose passion for the Performing Arts as a career pathway was an example to his fellow students.This person is recognised for their achievements and potential for a career in Drama.   REBEKAH DANZIC
  The Port Lincoln Community Bank – Community Award       RILEY MISLOV
  K&K Cooling       KYLE BRYANT
Port Lincoln Freemason TALLEAH BELL
Subject & Community Awards 2012