ASBA (Australian School Based Apprenticeship)


An ASBA is a fantastic way for a young person to begin their trade qualification while still at school. Not only will this save time completing their apprenticeship later on but it also offers the following advantages:

  • Student has the opportunity to investigate the trade/career in depth without having to commit to a 3 or 4 year apprenticeship.
  • The student earns money as part of the contract.
  • The ASBA requires the student to complete ‘units of competence’ with in the certificate of training they undertake as part of the contract. These units all count towards the Students’ SACE!

The student will be signed-up on a contract  which ususally lasts for around 15 – 18 months. The contract between the student/employer/school/Training Provider ensures that the student will work an average of 8 hours per week (in or out of school hours by negotiation) for which they are paid.

The hardest part about establishing an ASBA is finding an employer who is willing to commit to taking on a young person for the length of the contract. As a way of helping this aspect we insist on students doing work experience with the employer.

Should you have any questions regarding ASBA’s, please make contact with Ms Tiffany Evans

Certificates of Training

Below is a list of Students, their employers and the Certificates of Training that they are undertaking:




Adventure Bay Charters Kyrstal Hebberman 3 Tourism
Bank SA Xanthia Stewart (Starling) 3 Business
Cascann Pty Ltd (Follow up) Tahlia Palmer 3 Haridressing
Cavalier Homes Jayden Sampson 3 Carpentry
CEG (CLC) Kezra Mahomed 3 Business
CEG (PL Childrens Centre) Danielle Miegel 3 Childrens Services
Cheap as Chips Josh Hoobin 2 Retail
Coffin Bay Hotel Shaun Bateman 2 Hospitality
Cruisers Café & Take Away Jasmine Reid 3 Hospitality
Cruisers Café & Take Away Renae Baddams 3 Hospitality
Cupboards and Co Denver Bell 3 Carpentry
Drake foodstores – Foodland Louise Paton 3 Customer Contact
Eagle Boys Pizza PL Mikaela Basford 2 Retail
Eagle Boys Pizza PL Harry Carslake 2 Retail
Eagle Boys Pizza PL Chloe Warren 2 Retail
Eagle Boys Pizza PL Tanika Basford 2 Retail
Fun Fit Health Club Kyle Bryant 3 Fitness
Fun Fit Health Club Tamika Haynes 3 Fitness
Hetzel Oysters Jordan Ness 2 Aquaculture
KFC Kaitlin Warner 3 Retail
KFC Joe Prouse 3 Retail
KFC Seth Betsias 3 Retail
KFC Tiffany Atkinson 3 Retail
KFC Kaitlin Warner 3 Retail
Lincoln Fresh Fruits Mikaela Stoll 2 Retail
Maxima Group Inc….NAB Tia Schrapel 3 Business
McDonalds Brehanna Hoskins 2 Retail
McDonalds Hannah Kuchel 2 Retail
McDonalds Chad McGregor 2 Retail
McDonalds Danyan Nisbet 2 Retail
McDonalds Liam Partlow 2 Retail
McDonalds Aiden Chaplin 2 Retail
McDonalds Jethro Stutzer 2 Retail
McDonalds Riley Hutchings 2 Retail
Mobil Mortlock Millie Johns 2 Retail
On The Run Service Station Maddison Cameron 2 Automotive Sales
Perter Cheriton Building Blake Bastiaens 3 Carpentry
Pier Hotel Brian Burchell 3 Hospitality
PLACC Natheena Dudley 3 Business
Pt Lincoln Childrens Centre Miegel Danielle 3 Childrens Services
Pt Lincoln Hotel Shanalee Badman 3 Comm Cookery
Terry White Chemists Rachel McFadyen 2 Community Pharmacy
WCYS Raynathan Saunders 3 Community services
Wibberleys Chartered Accountants Aron Redman 3 Accounts administraiton