Our Students

2016 Student Representative Council

(pictured with PLHS Principal, Mr Greg Barry)




Principal Student Leaders: (L-R) Tyson Pedro & Shenae Miller




Year 12 SRC Representatives: (L-R) Cami Enge, Jasmine Freeth, India Wilkes, Kodi Mundy & Charlie van den Broek




Year 11 SRC Representatives: (L-R) Josh Phillips, Jenna Enge, Carly Gray, Ryan Sarunic & Zoe Yendall (Absent: Ellie Bender)




Year 10 SRC Representatives: (L-R) Yemaya Coleman-Smith, Chloe Dunn, Tess Eime, Tara Pelham & Alanna Haines (Absent: Porsha O’Brien)




Year 9 SRC Representatives: (L-R) Harry Stockham, Georgia Rowett, Caleb Johnston, Brooklyn George, Cameron Akehurst & R’bka Ford




Year 8 SRC Representatives: (L-R) Grant Wanganeen, Tia Freeman, Gia Thomson, Kalani Coleman-Smith & Kara Ambrose


2016 House Captains

(pictured with PLHS Principal, Mr Greg Barry)



Eyre House Captains: (back row L-R) Fleur Rowett, Sophie Wilkshire, Guy Murphy, Michael Hegarty and (front row L-R) Cameron Akehurst, R’bka Ford, Yemaya Coleman-Smith & Jordan Ambrose




Flinders House Captains (L-R): (back row L-R) Jacob Collins, Tascha Jordison, Shae Woodlands and (front row L-R) Cohen Dinnison, Lily Anderson & Troy Docking (Absent: Paige Rees & Kirsty Evans)




Grantham House Captains: (back row L-R) Hippy Wanganeen, Mason Kuchel, India Wilkes and (front row L-R) Harry Stockham, Shenae Miller, Tess Eime & Tia Freeman (Absent: Brodie Drewitt)




Stamford House Captains: (back row L-R) Billy Campbell, Tyson Pedro, Dylan Stigwood and (front row L-R) Jasmin Freeth, Kodi Mundy, Gia Thomson, Georgia Rowett & Tate Pietrala



Port Lincoln High School is very proud to recognise ex-students who have gone onto bigger and better things. We welcome updates about the careers and achievements of ex-PLHS students.