“Green Machine” Too Good Again



Another impressive performance from Eyre House saw them claim victory on SportsDay 2016. After Grantham House secured the Standards Trophy in the lead-up to Tuesday’s (postponed) event, Eyre was really made to earn this year’s victory.



Final Standings – SportsDay:

  • 1st: Eyre (1,698)
  • 2nd: Grantham (1,642)
  • 3rd: Stamford (1,445)
  • 4th: Flinders (1,398)

Although a head wind at the finish line and a heavy track underfoot meant that no official records were broken this year, impressive individual performances were posted throughout the day; congratulations to the following Age Champions, who will spearhead an imposing group of athletes heading to Port Augusta next Monday (March 21st) to represent PLHS at the annual WASSAC regional athletics carnival:

Age Champions – Girls:

  • Under 14 Girls: Winner: Ella Stevens (Eyre/37) & Runner Up: Tia Freeman (Grantham/29)
  • Under 15 Girls: Winner: Daisy Lewis (Eyre/58) & Runner-Up: Yemaya Coleman-Smith (Eyre/32)
  • Under 16 Girls: Winner: Kahlila Murray (Grantham/38) & Runner-Up: Skye Bradbery (Eyre/34)
  • Open Girls: Winner: Jenna Enge (Flinders/52) & Runner Up: Holly Perry (Stamford/34)

Age Champions – Boys:

  • Under 14 Boys: Winner: Zac Mullins (Stamford/37) & Runner-Up: Ronald Carbine (Grantham/36)
  • Under 15 Boys: Winner: Troy Docking (Flinders/58) & Runner-Up: Jye Gower (Eyre/35)
  • Under 16 Boys: Winner: Eddie Konetschka (Eyre/48) & Runner-Up: Kane Hope (Grantham/38)
  • Open Boys: Winner: Troy Simpson (Grantham/46) & Runner-up: Jordan Tassell (Eyre/32)



Lily Anderson (Flinders) and Michael Hegarty (Eyre) earned Participation Awards for their outstanding efforts throughout the day, whilst the Grantham House Captains received their well-earned Standards Trophy.



Final Standings – Standards:

  • 1st: Grantham (2,526)
  • 2nd: Eyre (2,370)
  • 3rd: Stamford (2,262)
  • 4th: Flinders (2,242)

Congratulations go to Miss Jesse-Lee Jones and the HPE Faculty for their organisation, to the staff for their facilitation of the event, and to all who participated in another enjoyable day of healthy competition.