Governing Council

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Port Lincoln High School’s Governing Council works together with the Principal and staff to set broad directions and visions for the school. It provides a wonderful opportunity for parents to be kept informed of the school’s developments, improvements and subject choices.

Governing Council provides a focus and forum for the direct involvement of parents and the school community, and identifies the attitude and educational needs of the local community to inform developments within the school. This group also has the important job of ensuring that the cultural and social diversity of the school community is considered, and that the needs of all student groups are appropriately identified.

Please direct any Governing Council matters to Liz Freeman in the School’s Front Office via phone 8683-6000 or email

2018 Governing Council office-bearers:

  • Chairperson: Tabetha Wilkes
  • Deputy Chairperson: Jodi Blacker
  • Secretary: rotation basis
  • Treasurer: to be advised at next meeting

 2018 Governing Council members:

  • Jodi Blacker (Parent Rep)
  • Jane Carey (Parent Rep)
  • Josie Coppock (Parent Rep)
  • Rachel Ellis (Parent Rep)
  • Jo Fox (Parent Rep)
  • Taia Mullan (Parent Rep)
  • Dean Pennington (Parent Rep)
  • Sharon Phillips (Parent Rep)
  • Letisha Proude (Parent Rep)
  • Tabetha Wilkes (Parent Rep)
  • Porsha O’Brien (Student Rep)
  • Liam Cowley (Student Rep)
  • Mr Todd George (Acting Principal)
  • Mrs Melanie McGown (Staff Rep)
  • Mrs Tanya Booker (Staff Rep)

 2018/19 Term Dates:

  • Term 2, 2018: 30/4 – 6/7
  • Term 3, 2018: 23/7 – 28/9
  • Term 4, 2018: 15/10 – 14/12
  • Term 1, 2019: 29/1 – 29/4