Forensic Science Workshop for Year 9’s

The PLHS Hall was converted into a CSI-style set earlier this week, as our Year 9 Science classes participated in a Forensic Science workshop, facilitated by Education Interactive.

The Year 9’s listened intently to a detailed account of a realistic homicide case based on a hypothetical drug deal gone wrong. They were shown a photo of the crime scene and briefed on the potential suspects. They were then asked to explore a variety of forensic evidence and technologies in order to solve the murder case, including:

  • digital microscopes to identify dust found at the crime scene on suspect’s clothing
  • UV lights to match blood samples and DNA
  • ballistics and bullet striations from the murder weapon
  • autopsy reports
  • and a selection of other evidence.

The intrigued Year 9s used deductive reasoning to solve the complicated case of murder and conspiracy. Our students (including a few budding forensic scientists in the making) enjoyed the opportunity to be involved in an excellent practical display of science and technology.

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