Year 8’s – Starting High School


Message from Jarrod Jones, Assistant Principal of Middle School

Welcome to all of the new Year 8 Students for 2014!

Students who are part of our Middle School are provided with an environment focusing on developing independent learners using a supportive and challenging academic curriculum.

Jarrod Jones

Adolescence is a period of time where students experience many changes as they gain more independence, study new subjects and explore new learning opportunities.

The Middle School curriculum acknowledges and provides students with a diverse range of learning opportunities which are relevant to their lives, motivates and engages students to be creative and excel in learning and life.

Mr Jarrod Jones


The Transition Program

At Port Lincoln High School we run a transition program for local Year 7 students which aims to ease them into life as a high school student. The program runs throughout the year, culminating in “A Day in the Life of a Year 8”, which has the Yr 7 students actually attending Port Lincoln High School as a  student on a modified program!

Some of the ways in which Year 7 students are involved at Port Lincoln High School:

  • Attending Sportsday to participate in games and relays in Term 1.
  • Science lessons in our laboratories throughout Terms 2 & 3.
  • “A Day in the Life of a Year 8” in Term 4

Hopefully this program has helped your child to feel comfortable about making the transition to Port Lincoln High School. Students starting Year 8 often feel daunted by the size of the school, the number of ‘bigger’ kids and the change in classes, all of which are happening in a fragile time of adolescence! At Port Lincoln High School, we have a very committed team of staff dedicated to supporting students through this difficult adjustment.


Starting the School Year…

Prior to starting the school year, families will need to organise stationery, uniform and fees.

The school will be open on Wednesday 22nd and Thursday 23rd of January (which is the week before school starts).

At this point, families will be able to purchase uniform items that are needed, organise stationery requirements, to pay school fees (electronic payment is available) and to apply for School Card should they be eligible.

The school hall will be used for this event. Families can enter via Ruskin Rd or through the Front Office.

School then starts on TUESDAY 28TH JANUARY, which is the day after the Public Holiday on Monday 27th of the Australia Day Long Weekend.

Structure of the Middle School – What do Yr 8’s Study?

As part of the transition into high school, Year 8 Students are organised into a Middle School Program where they have fewer changes with teachers and lessons throuhout the day compared with older students.

In Year 8, the students study Maths and Science together in a block with the same group. They have a second block of subjects together; English, HASS (Human and Social Science), PE and Technology Studies. Finally, they have a third group for Social Education, Languages (if they have selected Jap/Indo) and Arts (either visual or performing arts).

Lesson times run the same as the rest of the school, starting by 8:45 and finishing the day at 3:20.

A link to the Port Lincoln High School Handbook is provided below to give a full and detailed explanaiton of the various subjects available from Yr 8 – 12.

  • Port Lincoln High School 2014 Subject Handbook 


Year 8 Camp

Probably the most anticipated event of the year for new students!

The Year 8 Camp at Nyroca/Coffin Bay runs for 3 days in either Week 1 or Week 2 of Term 1, depending on which group your child is in. Its a fantastic way for new Year 8 students to get to know each other and their teachers.

A lot of social education and group dynamics goes on to help students settle into peer groups and establish acceptable high school behaviours.

More information relating to the camp will be forwarded on to families at the very start of the year.

Parent Information Session

Understandably parents/caregivers will have a host of concerns and qustions relating to their child starting Year 8 at a big new school.

A Parent Information and Welcoming Session has been scheduled for mid way through the term to provide information, help support families with any issues that they may have and to answer any questions. It ias also a great time for parents/caregivers to meet the staff if they haven’t yet had the chance.

The meeting will be clearly advertised to parents and is tentatively booked in for Week 4, Term 1.


As from the start of 2014, parents will be able to access our online Student Management System. This will not only allow parents to track their child’s attendance and grades, but will also allow them to monitor set work, including homework! No longer will a student be able to avoid it!

The system will also allow parents to have digital communication with staff.

Please keep an eye out for the launch of SEQTA on our website.

With a drastic change to our Student timetable at Port Lincoln High School, we are updating our Homework Policy for 2014 to include subjects on the extra line. This will also be promoted once completed.


School Policies

For families who have not been involved with Port Lincoln High School in the past, below is a collection of the major policies effecting students and their learning. Please feel free to contact the school should you have any questions regarding any of them.

Before you go….

Have you completed the Enrolment Form?

Have you seen the stationary list?

Have you completed the Student Medical Details form?

Have you filled in the Network and Internet Acceptable Use Agreement?