Mathematics is an area of study that assists students when they imagine, understand and quantify the world around them. It is a science of pattern and order that involves processes of abstraction, representation and communication.

Connecting Mathematics to Real Life

Our aim is to assist students to acquire the mathematical concepts, skills and processes that will support them to work effectively and confidently in a rapidly changing world. It is hoped that each student leaves Port Lincoln High School equipped with the abilities to use mathematics confidently and ethically in their home and working lives.

The Mathematics Learning Area aims to develop in all students, capabilities to:

  • understand the social and work purposes, uses and practices of mathematics and how these relate to each other and shape futures
  • understand and use mathematical language in creative and critical ways – both terminology and symbols
  • be confident users of mathematics who choose appropriate and accurate means for exploring the world and conducting their lives
  • gain pleasure from mathematics and appreciate its fascination and power
  • appreciate that mathematics is a dynamic field with roots in all cultures
  • apply their mathematics learning to other Learning Areas, to life in the wider community, and in accessing further education and training.


Australian Maths Competition

Each year Port Lincoln High School students compete in this national competition, challenging them to test their maths skills against others around the country.

The AMC is for students of all standards. Students are asked to solve thirty problems in 75 minutes (Years 7 to 12). Students mark their responses on a mark-sense sheet and these are processed by computer. The earliest problems are very easy. All students should be able to attempt them. The problems get progressively more difficult until the end, when they are challenging to the most gifted student. Students of all standards will make progress and find a point of challenge.

Australian Curriculum - mathematics

World Maths Day

Leading on from the AMC, students at Port Lincoln High School also have the chance to test their maths skills in online challenges against students from around the world. Students are required to ‘battle’ their opponent, with accuracy essential, but time is also a factor adding to the challenge!

The World Education Games is an annual global online challenge to get all students (4-18 years of age) excited about learning, and to give the top students in all schools an opportunity to see how they measure up against the best in the world. Last year, over 5 million students were a part of what is now the world’s largest online education event.