Health & Physical Education (HPE)


The HPE Faculty at Port Lincoln High School incorporates a range of subjects, including: Health & PE, PE (Exercise Physiology and Fitness), Stage 2 PE, Integrated Learning: PE, Eyre Peninsula Sports Academy (EPSA) and Outdoor Education.

Year 8 and 9 HPE

The Health program in Middle School compliments the work completed in Year 8 Social Education and includes units in positive relationships, sun safety, personal hygiene and risk taking. Staff are given regular opportunities to update their skills to ensure the content learnt remains relevant to the current student.

The Physical Activity component celebrates the body and encourages a greater understanding of the benefits of exercise as well as the leadership, communication, social, and sportsmanship development sport offers. Students are given opportunities in various activities including the use of community facilities including, but not exclusively Gymnastics, Tennis, Aquatics, Table Tennis and Hockey. The PE staff regularly take on the opportunity to develop personal skills enhancing the units taught.


Year 10, Level 1 and Level 2

Year 10 Stage 1 Fitness

The Fitness pathway engages students with local gyms, personal trainers and sporting clubs to develop understanding of the body performance, the fitness industry, personal fitness goals, team fitness goals, injury maintenance, nutrition and overall wellbeing. Students learn how to develop and maintain training programs, while enjoying what the active community of Port Lincoln has to offer.  In this pathway students enjoy 6 (year 10) and 3 (Stage 1) major practicals in negotiated team sports as well engaging in individual fitness activities.

Year 10 Stage 1 Exercise Physiology

The Exercise Physiology pathway delves deeper into the how and why the body performs in relation to movement. Students examine biomechanics, body systems, how energy is developed and used by the body, and nutrition. In this pathway students enjoy 6 (year 10) and 3 (Stage 1) major practicals in negotiated team sports.

Stage 2 Physical Education

This course is the end result of the learning completed in the Fitness and Exercise Physiology pathways offered at year 10 and Stage 1. Students apply their knowledge to various situations to enhance their understanding of Health and Physical Activity and to develop a lifelong positive attitude to physical and emotional wellbeing. Students completing this course have the opportunity to continue towards a career in Sport and Recreation or Health. Staff ensure students gain personal benefit out of the course regardless of career ambitions as the learning is relevant to everyday lives.


Year 10 Outdoor Education

Students learn how to enjoy the great outdoors while maintaining the beauty offered. Conservation, wellbeing and team work are the major themes of the course. Students participate in 2 major camps – 1 bushwalking and 1 Aquatics. In the lead up to the bushwalking camp students learn about indigenous perspectives, orienteering, survival skills, tent erecting and trangia cooking before heading to the national park to put what they have learnt into practise! In the lead up to the Aquatics camp students learn about surf survival (including first aid (DRSABC)), Ocean conservation, tides, rips, and particular sporting skills before heading to Coffin Bay to enjoy various Aquatics activities.

Stage 1 Outdoor Education

Students revise all that learnt in year 10 and then build on it to ensure more competencies in self-reliance and conservation of the great outdoors! In stage 1 students participate in a bushwalking camp and a 2 night Aquatics camp in which they get to swim with seals at Streaky Bay and surf at some of the most glorious locations in Australia.

Stage 2 Outdoor Education

This course is the end result of the learning completed in Year 10 and Stage 1 Outdoor Education. Students participate in at least 3 camps, which alter depending on the students. Camps have included a Bike ride/bushwalk in the Flinders Ranges, a fishing expedition and exploration of Thistle Island and a 2 night self-reliant camp in the national park. Port Lincoln is definitely the place to learn about what our environment can offer us. This course can lead to careers in outdoor pursuits and certainly prepares students for the safe enjoyment of adventure.


Community importance

All HPE faculty members are community minded and involve themselves in community sport and organisations, which ensures positive relationships with various stake holders, which in turn engages students for a better education.

Upcoming events:

  • Standards Day – 19th Feb
  • Yr 8/9 and Open boys Cricket – 21 Feb
  • Far West Swimming – 4th March
  • Sports Day – 5th March
  • 20/20 Cricket – 14th March
  • WASSAC – 24th March
  • Far West Athletics – 10th April