Business and Enterprise Technology (BET)


BET Studies at Port Lincoln High School encompasses a wide range of areas, catering for various student interests and career directions. The faculty includes traditional subjects such as Woodwork, Metalwork, Home Economics and Business Studies, but also allows more focussed study in trade specific subjects such as Furniture Construction, Food & Hospitality, Child Studies and Workplace Practices.

There is a natural progression from Year 8; where the students undergo a varied rotation through the different areas of practical BET, through Yr 10; where students can focus on their pathway and commence some recognised training, up to Yr 12; at which point students undertake complex tasks and achieve SACE credits.

The range of subjects from Yr 10 – 12 includes:

  • Woodwork
  • Furniture Construction
  • Metal Work
  • Metal / Motors
  • Food & Hospitality
  • Food Technology
  • Child Studies
  • Girls Technology
  • Tourism
  • Photography
  • Information Publishing and Processing
  • Business Studies
  • Workplace Practices

 Technology Studies

  • Three large and well-appointed workshops focus on Timber, Metal and Plastic.
  • A large spray booth is also utilised to give projects high level finishes.
  • 2 Automotive areas allow students to learn about and work on small motors or large motors and outboard motors.
  • Furniture Construction is the ‘flagship’ subject, requiring students to develop skills in cabinet making with both carcase and timber frame construction.
  • Metal Work requires students to use various fixed machinery for fabrication and all forms of welding to complete projects.
  • A Girls Technology course has been designed to support Yr 10 Girls in non-traditional trades and hopefully give them confidence to follow Tech through to SACE.


Food and Hospitality Studies

  • Students are privileged to work in a state of the art commercial kitchen using a wide variety of equipment
  • Food and Hospitality from year 10 offers students to undertake units of work in certificate 2 in Hospitality, this will count towards their SACE and TAFE.
  • Food and Hospitality students gain knowledge and training from staff and industry professionals which will ensure their success in work placements and a transition into work in the industry.
  • Food and Hospitality is the largest employment industry in Australia
  • Students partake in two practical lessons a week preparing and presenting a variety of recipes
  • Students who choose Food and Hospitality in years 11 and 12 experience real life catering throughout the year for many types of functions


Digital Studies

  • Can be studied from Year 10 onwards in either Information Publishing and Processing or Photography.
  • Both subjects instruct students in various programs for creating, editing and producing various digital media.
  • Students will develop industry specific skills, utilising a range of programs across a variety of media.
  • Photography makes use of a high tech suite of Mac machines with various image editing programs. Large works are produced for display.
  • The IPP program will instruct students in various programs right up to image manipulation and web creation, preparing them for various IT careers.


Child Studies

  • Is a SCAE Stage 1 or 2 subject and therefore can be studied in Yr 11 or 12.
  • The subject examines the period of childhood from conception to eight years and issues related to the growth, health and well -being of children.
  • It examines attitudes and beliefs about childhood, the care of children and the nature of contemporary families.
  • Throughout the course students will be involved in a variety of activities focusing on child development, safety, play, toys, clothes and food for children.
  • Assessment includes practical activities, group activities and investigations.