The Arts


 A Great Variety of Engaging Courses….

Students can be a part of the Arts program from year 8 to year 12.

In year 8 there is a compulsory unit of the Arts where students choose between Drama, Music and Visual Art for a semester. They can choose to do another semester of the Arts or be involved in the Concert Band, Jazz Ensemble, creative writing or other extra groups as they are organized.

Year 9 and 10 have extra choices in Dance and Design plus to start a VET unit in Creative Industries (Media)

The SACE years of 11 and 12 have opportunities in all the Arts for students to follow their own interests and excel in the creation of their creativity.

The school has a highly professional group of teachers who work as a team to produce a strong faculty.


Visual Arts

Visual Arts is where students can explore their creativity is a relaxed caring environment.

Our senior Arts teachers are Artists in their own right and often bring in their works to show the students.

Topics vary from painting, sculpture, mosaics, printing, drawing, computer art, animation, silk screening and many others. Students also study composition, styles of art and different artists through the ages.

Through negotiation the year 12 students allow their pieces to be displayed in the school for other students to admire. Regular public exhibitions are held at the Walter Nicholls Gallery in the Nautilus Theatre.



Music has had a long history at Port Lincoln High School with many trips interstate and even one overseas many years ago. Bands have performed for Don Burrows, James Morrison and many other music professionals. The program has expanded into popular music with student’s writing their own songs, recording them and creating their own video clip. Much of this music is on You Tube as well as on this web page.



This subject has close relationships with graphic design and architecture. Some of the assignments involve designing and creating models of everyday objects including a house or appreciating the aesthetic value of different artistic designs. DSC01427


A relatively young subject in the curriculum Dance has quickly become popular with many students. In today’s world keeping fit and healthy is important. As well as learning many of the different styles of dance students are show their talents to the public in a production at the Nautilus Theatre each year.

2012 Senior Dance production


This exciting subject has production in term 2 is both entertaining and thought two huge performances each year that perform to the public. The year 12 provoking, while over a 1000 junior school students see the Year 9 Pantomime every year.


 Creative Arts: MEDIA

Recently one of the priorities of education has been employment. To this end the Arts has developed a certificate 2 VET course on Creative Industries (Media). In year 10 and 11 students can complete their Certificate 2 course using the Art that interests them. Web pages and film are an important part of this course.