Aboriginal Studies


Aboriginal Studies is offered as both a Stage 1 (year 11) and Stage 2 (year 12) subject at Port Lincoln High School. Topics covered are as diverse as Aboriginal life itself and can include history, culture, identity, current affairs and issues, traditional life and technology, politics, notable people and their achievements, art, sport and The Dreaming. What we look at each year can change depending on student needs and interests.

Aboriginal Studies attracts both SACE credits and ATAR points and can be used by students to gain the points needed to go on to University study.

It should also be noted that Aboriginal Studies is not a subject for Aboriginal students only; any student who is interested is able to pick this subject, regardless of background.

We also welcome any parent or community feedback, knowledge, expertise or suggested contacts we can use to make sure this subject constantly grows and develops, so if you believe you can help in this way please don’t hesitate to let us know.

More information from the SACE Website is available for Aboriginal Studies.

School Contact person: Todd George todd.george186@schools.sa.edu.au