Bushwalking Camp in Gawler Ranges


Earlier this year, our Stage 2 Outdoor Education class commenced a three-day bushwalking camp in the Gawler Ranges. All six students demonstrated their ability to plan and undertake the camp, during which we walked an enormous (but achievable) fifty kilometres.

The route plan took us through assorted terrain, including rocky surfaces, 4WD tracks, thick vegetation and varying gradients. Luckily, the weather consisted of clear blue skies and temperatures reaching 26 degrees. Although the camp was physically demanding for some, the whole class finished together with minimal injuries.

Our navigational skills were developed with compasses and maps needed to find locations and traverse the route without tracks or paths. We used different techniques to pinpoint our position and took bearings to figure out where we needed to go. Landforms were found on the maps and then orientated by examining the surroundings.

The camp featured many highlights, including conquering Mount Farview on the morning of the second day. The whole class did this together and took some stunning photos from the top of the mountain. One of more humorous moments involved our teacher Mrs Sherie Watson showing off her amazing selfie skills, bringing the class to tears in the process. Camp fun and games were needed to take our minds off the pain of various blisters, bruises and pulled muscles.

Overall, this camp was very successful; it provided valuable time for our small group to bond and form stronger friendships, and to improve our navigational skills.

~ Carly Gray (Year 12 Outdoor Ed student)