“Benvenuti” to Alessandra & Irene


PLHS has welcomed two more international students to our school community for the remainder of the year. Both students are Italian girls in Year 11 – we say “benvenuti” to (pictured above L-R) Alessandra Savarese and Irene Signorelli.

Alessandra is from central Rome – when I asked her if there are any famous landmarks near her home, she casually replied “The Vatican”. Irene is from a town near the fashion capital of Milan in northern Italy.

Both girls have settled positively into Port Lincoln life, making many new friends, selecting and attending a broad range of school subjects and enjoying their time in our local community. Of all the things they have eaten in Australia, both Alessandra and Irene rated Tim Tams as the best.

They have also both seen whales since they’ve arrived and are looking forward to encountering many more native Australian animals. Irene is likely to achieve this goal next week as a participant on our Year 11 Outdoor Education bushwalking camp in the Flinders Ranges.

We thank the girls for choosing Port Lincoln High School and wish them all the best for their educational experience with us. Many thanks also to their generous host families for making this opportunity possible.

~ Mr Shaun Thomas (International Education)