Port Lincoln High School Uniform

Port Lincoln High School staff in conjunction with Port Lincoln High School Governing Council endorse the importance of students being easily identified.  It is the responsibility of school staff to have “duty of care” which includes the protection of students, and this involves the identification of non-students on school grounds, monitoring student uniforms and notifying parents/caregivers when this is not adhered to.

Students are expected to wear neat, clean school uniform. The school colours are Navy Blue, Grey and White. Any combination is permissable. All students are required to wear the uniform and consequences will apply if no note is provided for not wearing the uniform. Assistance is available during school hours to obtain school uniform items.

Tony Green


Port Lincoln High School Uniform


PLHS School Uniform Price List for 2015:

  • School Jumpers Windcheater with logo – $45
  • School Sport ruby jumpers with logo – $55
  • Navy Shorts – $25
  • Navy Track pants – $40
  • PLHS Summer Dress – $65
  • PLHS Winter Skirt – $30
  • School Winter Jacket – $TBA
  • School Polo shirts with logo – TBA
    *Prices are subject to alteration

Long pants & 3/4 sports pants (boys and girls):

  • Grey or navy blue only – plain (no logos)
  • No jeans, coloured pants or cargo pants
  • Track pants – navy blue (with school logo only)

Shorts (boys and girls):

  • Grey or navy blue plain coloured only with a coin sized logo allowed
  • No coloured or striped short shorts


  • School polo tops
  • White, grey or navy blue polo tops -no logos other than PLHS


  • Port Lincoln High School Summer dress
  • Port Lincoln High School Winter skirt with navy blue or white shirt or polo top
  • Tights or thin leggings only to be worn with dresses and skirts

School Jumpers (boys and girls):

  • Navy blue school jumper with PLHS logo
  • School Sport rugby jumper with PLHS logo
  • Year 12 school jumpers provided for Year 12 students only to wear
  • No hooded clothes under jumpers
  • No alternative tops i.e.Ski Trip/Drama/Dance jumpers etc.

New  Winter School Jacket (girls and boys):

  • New fleece lined School Jacket available in 2015
  • No alternative jackets

Head wear (boys and girls):

  • White or navy blue caps only
  • No logo caps or beanies

Scarves (boys and girls):

  • White or navy blue only scarves
  • No footy scarves

Shoes (boys and girls):

  • Closed shoes
  • No thongs, open toe sandals or ugg boots


  • SAASTA tops for school excursions
  • No Power Cup tops

Music Uniforms:

  • Concert Band – Black skirt / pants, black shoes and socks/pantihose, blue performance shirt
  • Jazz Band – Long black skirts/pants, black shoes, socks/pantihose,& white shirt and waistcoat.
  • Orchestra – Long black skirts/pants, black shoes, socks/pantihose & white shirt.